Author: EuroDog

Italian by birth, French by name, Devonian by residence, EuroDog is a true European. Her first series of cartoons examined Brexit from a dog's perspective and she actively campaigned for a second referendum in 2019. Recent cartoons have focused on a dog's view on C-19 lockdown and its aftermath, whilst the shambles of the current government is a continuous source of material. Facebook: eurodog123 Instagram: dogpawsforthought_cartoons

EuroDog considers compassionate Britain


Where is our humanity? In a week in which the UK Government is further shamed by its willingness to break international law over the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement, Border Collies team up with Newfoundland sea rescue dogs to demonstrate a more compassionate welcome to asylum seekers crossing the Channel.

EuroDog on that Scottish holiday…


Whilst on another break from work during the government’s shambolic response to all matters covid-19, Johnson’s failure to comply with the Countryside Cose results in an early retreat from Scotland.

EuroDog on Democracy Day: make votes matter!


The first past the post (FPTP) electoral system – which bequeathed the Conservatives an unwarranted 80 seat majority in December 2019 – has enabled the Prime Minister, cabinet and government to act with impunity and unrivalled incompetence and with scant regard for the best interests of the electorate. Voting behaviour would change with proportional representation […]