Author: David Knopfler

Singer-songwriter David Knopfler, founding member of rock group Dire Straits, has been creating music for over four decades. In addition to releasing twenty solo albums, he is a published author, poet, film composer and Substack blogger, as well as a frequent political commentator on Facebook. He lives in the Southwest of England with his wife Leslie and family (including Dog and Hamster).

Will Gove junk Jenrick’s planning ‘reforms’ or can we expect more of the same: builders and developers first, locals a very distant second?

David Knopfler

Robert Jenrick, the MP for Newark and former housing minister, lost his cabinet post under something of a cloud, after being caught failing to declare a secret meeting between himself and a clutch of property developers in the Enterprise Forum. He was clearly not entirely happy with his demotion, firing off a thinly veiled slingshot […]