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West Country Bylines is a regional online newspaper that supports citizen journalism. Our aim is to publish well-written, fact-based articles and opinion pieces on subjects that are of interest to people in Cornwall, Devon, Dorset and Somerset. In so doing, we seek to demonstrate democracy in action by giving a voice to local people and holding our elected representatives to account.

This is made possible by our independence – both from government control and from the influence of corporate interests. Our political stance is progressive and internationalist. Our objective is to be part of the debate at a regional and national level.

We are supported by March for Change and Byline Times. Our editorial board includes people from all four counties in our region and from a range of political backgrounds and none.

We encourage our authors, all of whom are volunteers, to write about the things that energise them. New writers are welcome and we invite contributions from those with specific areas of expertise. We also welcome contributions from those with differing views and perspectives in order to encourage debate.

Our author profiles can be viewed by clicking on the name of the author in each article. This will also take you to a list of their contributions so you can explore further.
Our content is always relevant to the West Country, whether from a regional, national or international perspective. We cover special interest stories from our region to retain a strong local connection, but we include content of potential interest to readers from further afield to widen our audience.

Opinion pieces that seek to influence our readers towards a progressive and internationalist perspective are balanced by a range of other news, lifestyle and human-interest articles. We aim to ensure all articles are of a high standard. Contributions are subject to review by our editorial team.

Extra vigilance will be needed to hold this government to account. We intend to take up that task for Cornwall, Devon, Dorset and Somerset. West Country Bylines will be steadfast in reminding our representatives of what they said and what they were elected to do.

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